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                TaxMan 2000 is a Windows-based application for municipalities which collects income tax from individuals living or working in their communitySee for more information.

This product has been developed to provide more than an efficient tool for processing of Income Tax Returns.

The system was developed to eliminate duplication of effort, improve efficiency and reduce turn around time in notifying and receiving money and information from the taxpayer.

The following is a list of built in features:

  1. Name and address system with the ability to track changes.
  2. Automatic calculation of taxes based on W-2 entry and net profit information.
  3. Detail information regarding all types of credits processed for any year.
  4. Quarterly billing system with barcodes
  5. Penalty and interest calculation and billing.
  6. Automatic Letters to the taxpayer generated at the time the return is processed for:
    1. Credits
    2. Refund Denials
    3. Balance Due
    4. Requests for additional Information
  7. Automatic updates of correspondence sent to taxpayers on an activity file. This screen is also used for recording conversations and additional information about the taxpayer.
  8. Ability to produce follow up listings for outstanding issues entered in the activities file.
  9. Automatic production of individualized completed annual returns for walk-in taxpayers.
  10. Database query capability that can incorporate multiple data set information to produce customized reports on the fly.
  11. Ability to create or personalize documents used to communicate with the taxpayer.
  12. Ability to load groups of taxpayer information from the taxman files into word processing software to be used for mail merging .
  13. Bar code reading and printing to improve accuracy of data entry.
  14. Image linking module * which provides the capability to call up the image of any document which has been entered in Taxman for immediate review and/or reproduction.

*This module requires imaging equipment and software in order to be used.

Taxman 2000plus is a complete Windows based municipal income tax system designed to meet the needs of the modern municipal tax office.

By utilizing the many years of experience in local tax collection of the founders of the Ohio Municipal Income Tax Service, Inc. and the imaging expertise of CASNET , we have built the most comprehensive tax system available.

The flexibility of the system allows municipalities to retain their historical data while opening up the availability to a wealth of new information by capturing images of all tax returns processed, along with copies of correspondence with taxpayers. The images are available with a click of a mouse. The necessity of retaining millions of paper documents is eliminated, therefore reducing the storage requirements with a substantial cost savings.

Speed and accuracy are achieved by using barcodes on tax forms, statements and letters.

The system is easy to use but comprehensive in scope, and runs on Windows  2000, NT, XP and Novell Netware platforms. Modification to meet unique requirements is available.

Training and program support are included, both on-site and on-line. Conversion of present data to new format available.

Call today to schedule a demo for your office and see how Taxman 2000plus can be your system. Call 1-800-634-1040.

Taxpayer database includes transaction numbers, city number, Federal identification number, social security numbers, name and addresses, active or inactive dates, and status codes for mailing of returns.

Easily updates name and address information. Retains historical record of address changes.

Locate taxpayers by account number, name, social security number or by address.

Tax Returns:

  1. Returns for individuals or businesses created on-line.
  2. Estimates with quarterly billing
  3. Withholding forms, quarterly or monthly with annual reconciliation.
  4. Penalty and interest assessments calculated on-line
  5. Refund vouchers


  1. Transaction Registers for all Data and Summaries by type or Batch Balancing.
  2. Letters:
    • Balance Due
    • Credit Adjustment
    • Refund adjustment or denial
    • Additional information request
  3. Account Listings
    • Name and Address
    • Labels
  4. Payment History
  5. Delinquency Reports
  6. Refund Voucher
  7. Database Query
  8. CSV Files for mail merge